And the Good News is…

David Taylor

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A majority of students – 2 in 3 – going to University this autumn in the UK are aware of how to manage their money.


Of course, that is not how it was reported, which was:

1 in 3 students going to University this autumn in the UK are not aware of how to manage their money.


Tip to the second group – go speak with 3 of your friends that are also going to University – chances are, 2 of them will be able to help you.

We all know that bad news sells. Surely though, there is enough of it around without making it up.

These days, it seems as if the news, weather and many other communications are spun with judgement and opinion over facts.

I was recently in Abu Dhabi, and opened up a newspaper,
I read the following headline:

“Closure of The Corniche Causes Delays”

Then, I read it again – I was wrong – I was so used to reading negative news in the world, my brain had misread a word – it did in fact, read:

“Closure of The Corniche Causes Diversions”


Letting us make up our minds what it means – “good” or “bad.”

So, next time you hear bad news ask yourself, could it have been reported in a different way?

How can you make points of view at work, communicate, share in a way that is positive, or at the very least simply factual, respecting others to form their own opinions?

With my love and best wishes


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