Are You Five-Star Quality?

RARELY will an employer say ‘give me five!’

And yet, they are no doubt looking for the five qualities needed to be successful.

Loyalty, generosity, integrity, honesty and trust. Do you possess these traits? If so, you have the ingredients to make a difference in business.

All you need then is to take certain steps. Have a purpose, a mental picture of what you want to achieve. Be passionate about getting there. Show desire. Hone that passion and harness that desire by converting those characteristics into plans, endeavour and hard work.

Can you share these ideas with like-minded people? Perhaps you could form partnerships. Then, be confident in your ability to succeed and be dedicated and creative enough to make it work.



  • clivebarrett

    Integrity and honesty, you really can’t put a price on those.

  • alex marsh

    I was nodding along to this piece, then I got lost in the transition between the penultimate and final paragraphs. Which ideas is the author referring to, and what approaches does s/he recommend, such that one goes about being dedicated and creative enough to make it work? I like the simplicity of David´s model of how to do anything. This post just confused me.

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