Back to basics

Time to Read – three minutes

While you may still be thinking of your dreams, ideas and plans in this fledgling year I want to revisit the Formula for Guaranteed success which hasn’t been covered for awhile. It is in the books and it never changes!

Over the next four weeks I am going to invite you to go for one of your goals using this process…

Know where you want to Go – The What

I used to have a PowerPoint slide (before we banned it!) with the quote

 “Make no little plans – they have no magic to stir man’s blood.”
Daniel Burnham
(I liked that slide!)

•  Focus on what you want – your outcome, and keep it in mind throughout
• Set a standard for yourself, higher than anyone else can ever reasonably expect of you
• Word your outcome in language understandable by a ten year old

Know where you are now – The YOU

• Be the very best that you already are (don’t let what you can’t do, get in the way of what you can)
• Take ownership of your life
• Be open and honest with people

Know what you have to do, to get to where you want to go – The MOMENT*

• Don’t focus on “change,” focus on “Choice”
• Make True Decisions (stop changing your mind about your outcome)
• Value your “gut feel” (it is both logical and scientific to do so)

* It is in The Moment that you make a true decision that your future is decided.

Do it! – The HOW

Take one action. Then ask yourself: Does this action, this behaviour, this thought, take me closer to where I want to go, or who I want to be?

If yes – do more of the same

If not – do something different

SO that’s it – simple, and not easy!

For the next 4 weeks we will focus on each step to see how much nearer you can get to achieving your ambition for 2011, and beyond.

With my love and best wishes

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