Be A People Person

PEOPLE buy from people. So take time to get to know the person in front of you when you are selling. They will make the decision. To buy from you they must trust and respect you. To buy lots from you they must also like you. End of story.

(Extract from The Naked Millionaire)


  • Francis Greve

    So true, I have often bought on the basis I like the person selling. Trust is a very important aspect of buying off someone.

  • Robert English

    The product is everything. Never mind who is selling it.
    If you don’t need the product why would you buy?

  • jackiewitney

    I think some people will buy the cheapest no matter what. Depends what it is you are buying.
    I personally do not like giving money to those that I don’t like so much. Only last week this happened buying a sleeping bag. I was with my husband, we had been into 2 shops, one was lovely and helpful but more expensive, and one cheaper but a shop that I always find quite rude and almost treating you like the enemy, defensive from the start – if ever you want to return something its very scary!
    My husband wanted to go cheaper and I wanted to buy from nice, we brought from nice.
    The cheaper shop does sell a lot because it is cheap but imagine if it was cheaper and nice too!
    Another example – I was interested in maybe getting a new car and went into a local show room my own to have a chat. I wasn’t daunted by the prospect as my work used to be around motor dealers, but this one particular guy was so patronising that I left never wanting to return ever again.
    I definitely buy from people.

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