Are You Decisive? You Decide!

CAN you decide whether or not you are decisive? I trust you have decided that the answer is ‘yes’! Because authoritative people are listened to. They get things done and others take note of what they say and act on it.

Good managers demonstrate they are authoritative by the way they behave. They rely on the authority of expertise and wisdom rather than the authority of power. By their very nature, managers have authority thrust upon them and yet they have to earn respect for that and keep on earning it.

So, be good at what are you doing either as an expert, a leader or a manager – or maybe all three. Be able to define clearly what you expect people to do. Do it concisely and persuasively.

Demonstrate you know where you are going, what you are doing and why you are doing it and explain the course of the action you are taking.

Lead by example. Accept that your authority is not absolute, it can only exist and thrive if others recognise it, so it is vital they do.

Be decisive without rushing into decisions without careful thought and get people to accept that on occasions, what you say goes – you are accountable and the final say is yours.

Be self-confident, not cocky though, and be a good communicator, ensuring people know exactly what is expected of them.




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