Be Here Right Now

STAY motivated. To do this, learn from the past by all means, however, you need to live in the present and put the past behind you. Your dreams and aspirations must be in the here and now. Are yours?


  • jackie witney

    So true, when you are dwelling on things from the past, think is this helping me?

  • Francis Greve

    The past is past. The present should be all the matters. The fact I’ve typed this is is history. I move on.
    We can only affect our future, not our past, even though we should learn from how we have behaved and reacted previously to make things better for ourselves in the future.
    All part of the learning process I guess.

  • Christian Moss

    The future is the only thing that matters.
    Where you have come from is just a guide to where you want to go.

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