Be On The Team

USING a sporting analogy, teams win matches. No matter how good the individual, it is the framework of the team that is important as no one man or woman can win a team game on his/her own.

Tiger Woods is a good example. One of the greatest golfers of all time, some would argue the best, he struggles in the bi-annual GB versus USA Ryder Cup clash. For whatever reason, he has always functioned better as an individual rather than a cog in a machine.

So, managing teams in an effective way is essential to the well-being or your business. You need the following.

To have a vision, to inspire and motivate, to act with integrity and fairness. To expect continuous improvement in your self and others. To be approachable and involve others in decision making. You also need to be able to handle pressure, be enthusiastic, driven and focus on key principles and issues, while setting attainable objectives.

Being able to drive others along with you is an integral part of making sure you will get to where you want to be as a business entity. As a leader, if you can’t motivate your colleagues your business will fail. Because your people are your company. Support the team. Don’t allow others to promote themselves at the expense of the group.

Also, airing any problems you have in public is destructive and any obstacles should be addressed within the team format. Find a solution to any grievances, with the team in mind, perhaps by suggesting a viable alternative.

Ensure you share information. Keeping vital knowledge to yourself could be self-defeating. Share and share alike is a well-used phrase and is relevant to business practice. Communicate. Via email, or by phone. Make sure others have the whole picture. It can only be good for all of you in the long run.

And remember to get to know the people you have at your disposal. What are their strengths? Weaknesses? What floats their boat? We all have different personalities and operate in different ways. It’s your job to find out the nuances of those individuals to create that winning outfit.

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