Be Open On Accountability

WORK on ownership, accountability and strengths. Hold a meeting and, as a team, agree that no one will ever say anything behind each others’ backs which they would not say to their faces.

This is a given, and must be accepted on an emotional level. If everyone simply nods, they will not do it. If anyone suggests they are already doing this, just ask them if there is anyone in the team that they do not particularly ‘get on with’. If they say ‘Yes’, ask them what happened when they shared that with that person, in private. People must buy into this at an emotional level. Everyone must buy into it.

(Extract from The Naked Coach)


  • jackiewitney

    Yes – WORK on ownership, accountability and strengths
    No – I would not share with someone in private if I didn’t get on with them, as I don’t believe that would be helpful. I would get on with them for the sake of business.

  • Rosalind

    Don’t mistake the odd moan for having a real problem though. Often when we have a moan we’re just annoyed with ourselves for not dealing with something the right way – or that’s not the real problem the real problem is we are a bit stressed etc. We need to be sure what’s going on for ourselves first I think.

  • Frank Landon

    Agree that sometimes we are not getting to the nub of the problem when if we look deeper into what it is that is making us annoyed, it is something different.
    We all get stressed but the less stressed we get the better we will be at problem-solving.

  • Cynthia James

    Yes, getting on with people for the sake of business is a difficult thing to do but one you need to to get on.

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