Be Proactive With Your Time

TIME is money – and limited. So it is vital to make the best use of it, be it in business or outside of work.

Time management is one of the most important of all business skills. An effective leader will know how to prioritise, plan, and control the use of time by becoming proactive, rather than reactive.

They need to focus on what it is they are trying to achieve. To accomplish those objectives they need to be able to ignore distractions and get on with the task in hand to make the best use of the time they have available.

We all waste time. Reading stuff we don’t need to read and checking our inbox too frequently. Surfing the net, phoning friends, chatting to colleagues. There are many reasons for not being as time-efficient as we should be.

So, if you are in that position, where you are faced with a new task, ask yourself, is it urgent? Or, is it important? If it’s both urgent and important, do it as soon as you can. If it’s urgent, not important, perhaps one of your team could do it.

If it’s important and not urgent you can do it later? If it’s neither urgent or important, consider whether it needs to be done at all!

Remember, if you have lots of important and urgent tasks, you need to prioritise your priorities. And that’s the difficult bit. It can be done, though, with ‘to do’ lists, deadlines and by keeping your tasks under review.

That way, you’ll be demonstrating to yourself and colleagues that time is of the essence.


  • Chris Hamilton

    Agree that time must be used wisely.
    Not always that simple.

  • Graham Franks

    Time management is key here. It CAN be done with some planning and building time into your day.

  • Harry Potley

    Time management has always been vital in terms of the individual and the team.
    Knowing what to do and when…the things you need to do rather than those you want to…is important.
    A to do list helps…and is satisfying when you mark tasks off the list.

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