Be Savvy

IT isn’t just phones that are smart these days. Businesses are becoming streetwise and ‘bank savvy’ in their efforts to access finance to better their fortunes. And it isn’t just a need for survival that firms are looking to borrow funds from financial institutions.

According to figures, there is a clear trend towards companies wanting to build new premises and grow their business – and banks are welcoming viable propositions.

A more positive feeling among banks, despite the figures being lower than the Government would like, means many owners are looking at their existing customer base and working out how they can grow. Either through building on established relationships and offering more, or entering new markets.

So the message is clear. If you have a clear strategy and have done your research, you may well find your bank willing to say ‘yes’. Why not make it happen for you?


  • Darren Roach

    And news today of another bank re-emerging, TSB.

  • Wendy Trewer

    They were the bank that liked to say ‘yes.’
    Doubt they will be again.
    Like all of them, they have their agenda for making profit for the shareholders and helping small or any other type of business appears to be low on their list of things which makes them tick.
    Bring back the days of the old bank managers, who had power to lend, use their discretion, and not be subversive to a computer that coughs at the first sign of a box not being ticked correctly.

  • Dan Jones

    Banks generally like to say ‘no’. I agree. In the same move they ruin your credit rating!

  • Ryan Norris

    Banks generally get a rough deal.
    Mainly because they charge extortionate fees and are run by computers. They are faceless, credit-scoring enterprises that sap the life out of companies.
    Not all their criticism is warranted though. Only most of it.

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