Believe In Your Goal

LIFE can be an obstacle course. And often, what stops us achieving success is a barrier that comes from within, manifesting itself as an inability to believe in the likelihood of our achieving that goal.

It may look sunny outside but this hovering cloud within convinces us it is going to rain and if it is raining already, that it is probably going to continue no matter what we do. Quite an appropriate analogy in the circumstances given the unprecedented rainfall so far this year!

We need to stem the flow of these negative thoughts and the best way to do that is to ignore them until they stop. Paying them too much attention will drag us down.

Sometimes, we fail to tell ourselves the right things to make the difference, the excuse being we are so busy trying to cope with everyday life that we fail to communicate with ourselves and others.

And yet listening to our inner self helps affect the quality of our lives.

Instead of responding to an event by telling ourselves it was bound to happen, or listen to others who say ‘I told you so’, we should communicate with ourselves properly so we can accept the event as another outcome.

That way we can choose to take a detached view and learn from the experience and enable us to try again with more experience, more knowledge and more positive mental attitude.

Of course, being strong mentally has to be allied to physical well-being.

You are the driver in your life and a healthy body and mind enable you to have a stress-free journey and arrival.

It is important to remember to look after the vehicle though – to make sure it lasts long enough to reach your success.

Finding simple ways to care for your vehicle is therefore vital such as ensuring you make time for relaxation and exercise on a daily basis.

It can make a big difference and caring for the body can free the mind to be more focussed.


  • Michael Sumner

    Cut out the negativity…makes sense.
    if all you have his negative thoughts then it is not always easy to push them to one side.
    if you can, and get rid of the OCD in many cases then it is a great thing to master.

  • Daniel Terat

    I have family who love to talk to me in hindsight, as if they always knew that was going to happen and this was going to happen. Rubbish really, it is all very well after the event.

  • Graham Stagg

    It’s easy to say look after the vehicle but food is such am appealing part of life. I love to eat so doing exercise is hard work.

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