Believe What You Say

SPEAK from your heart, ban PowerPoint and know that, when listening to you, everyone is asking themselves just one question – does this person believe what they are saying?



  • Jackie Witney

    When I meet/listen to people who get truly passionate about something they strongly believe in or love, I find it captivating.
    I don’t agree with a total ban on powerpoint. PowerPoint that is repeating what you are saying is not good.
    But being a visual person I do like a good visual that embeds and complements what I am hearing.

  • Dan Jones

    I agree, banning powerpoint now really great idea but it MUST enhance what you are saying to make it work.

  • Francis Greve

    The best speakers are the ad libbers.
    The ones who can deliver while knowing they have a gift to carry their presentation off.

  • Anita Raymond

    I disagree, preparation makes for the best outcome.
    Even the people who look like their ad-libbing, like Peter Kay, practise for hours, days, weeks…

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