Best Day Ever

‘TODAY, anything and everything I see, hear, touch, feel and experience is confirmation that I am on the right track in life, and is evidence that life is conspiring to help my dreams come true. In fact, today will be the single best day of my life, so far.’

(Extract from The Naked Coach)


  • jackiewitney

    Ok I’ve just seen this and I am going to copy it and read it when I wake up to tomorrow.
    Of course I could decide to think that right now, its 15.38, do I want to help my dreams come true from now/ yet?
    My choice!

  • Ryan Norris

    I’d save it for the next day at that time in the afternoon.
    It would spoil it to go too early, and yet, shouldn’t we live in the now and not put off what we can do today until tomorrow?

  • Graham Stagg

    So many people are living in the now but have no direction.
    It’s nice to sometimes sit back, reassess, and kick on knowing the path you are on is the right one.

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