Beware The Cyber Threat

CHRISTMAS is the time of year we all look forward to a Doctor Who special so it is perhaps fitting we touch on the subject of Cyber threat to businesses everywhere.

Okay, Doctor Who’s arch enemy the Cybermen proposing to take over your company is as far-fetched as the storylines in the iconic series!

However, Cyber attacks by unscrupulous corporations are becoming a major problem and experts reckon the biggest threat to most firms could come from their own employees bringing their poorly protected laptops and tablets to work.

The trend for staff to use their own computers at work – sometimes called Bring Your Own Device policy (BYOD) – has led to security breaches.

A survey found that human error, a lack of understanding of IT security practices and the introduction of viruses via personal devices are the three top security threats to companies.

Being hacked and having intellectual property or confidential data stolen is rife and can cost anything up to £30,000.

So, what’s the answer? Firstly, firms need to realise the dangers and make sure passwords and anti-virus software are installed on laptop or mobile device used to access company data. And consider a Cyber insurance policy which will pay out for lost profits if systems are damaged or data lost.

That way, you are no more likely to get a visit from Cybermen as the Daleks!

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