Bring Out Your Dead – my suggested solution

What to do?

Most organisations have a minimum of 5% and maximum of 15% Dead Wood (DW).

Managers/Leaders know who they are in their own teams, and the managers/leaders who are DW can be determined through engagement surveys (people hate working for a leader who is DW), and if you don’t get rid of the leaders who fall into this category you will start losing the good people who work for them.

HR must drive through a fast-track process that is fit for purpose – it identifies and gets rid of people in the fastest possible way while still being legal. It balances speed with legality. HR does this by putting in place that process,  and educating/guiding/telling managers to do their job – the line manager  takes ownership of the “who is DW decision” and is 100% honest with these people at times such as Performance Review – it’s no good giving people an “average” and then starting them on the process.

Organisations are also rushing out a “Company Way,” a set of actions, attitudes and behaviours that are mandatory, so no-one can hide behind the “no-one told me” excuse. This will be covered next week.

How will you know if you are being successful?

You will comply with the absolute minimum timeframe from first warning to out the door.

Your volume of tribunals will increase and you will lose some – live with it, your reputation will be enhanced, not damaged.

Your line managers will start to do their jobs (and reviews) properly.

You will save a fortune in not paying people so much in settlements.

Your best people’s morale will increase, because you will stop rewarding the wrong behaviours.

The process will be transparent.

Your head count will reduce by around 10%.

You will do less, better, with fewer people.

With thanks to Nadine Taylor.

With my love and best wishes

P.S. I would like to hear about your experiences here (especially if you disagree!)

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