Business, and Business Leaders, are a Force For Good… they’d better be

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Business, and Business Leaders, are a Force For Good… they’d better be for all our sakes


Three reasons:

  1. Economic – Business is the only way the debt will ever be repaid.
  2. Society – We need both strong private and public sectors – each is dependent on the other. Without a strong private sector there will be fewer hospitals, schools and police. Without a strong public sector society will collapse.
  3. People – Must be more engaged, valued and fulfilled in ALL organisations.


Business and business leaders are a Force For Good when they lead with Truth, Trust and Transparency, both internally and externally.

  • Truth: Tell the truth: good and bad and when you do, strip away the mystery, jargon and hype. Tell us the simple facts.
  • Trust: Build internal and external trust based on what you say and do.
  • Transparency: Be more open – internally and externally.

What do you think organisations, and business leaders, need to do, to be a Force For Good? Let us know in the comments below.

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With my love and best wishes


PS Naked Leader and Molten, The Global Energy Specialists, are partnering to champion business, and business leaders as a Force for Good. We are starting with The Energy Sector as it is such an essential industry, presently under siege. White Paper published on Monday 31st March.

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