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I recently had the privilege to Chair Osney Media’s Talent 2011 event in London.

Over 100 HR and Talent leaders attending have confirmed it – after years of complaining that they were separate from “the business,” HR have caught the bullet train and arrived at its very centre.

About time too.

However, watch for the warning signs of “talent” becoming the new buzz word that will spawn yet more frameworks, waste of time initiatives and dependency driven consultancy.
The way to avoid this, to ensure that your “talent” (i.e. people) initiatives work, deliver and are sustainable, is to embed them into your organisation’s day to day agenda. That means avoiding jargon, theory and complexity, replacing these with clear language, practical actions and simplicity.

Talent is too important to become the next big trend, because if this one fails, then that’s it – as I often say, your people are not your number one asset, they are your only asset.
So, HR and Talent leaders – make this happen. Give all of your people more freedom, unlock a single strength, skill or passion in everyone (that is not being used at present) and have a company cause that makes people proud to work for you.

And, when you have done this, aim to disappear – to make yourselves as HR “no longer required”. Then you will know that what you have done is really delivering to the bottom line of your company.

Has your business got talent?

Go prove it.

With my love and best wishes

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