“Can Do” is not enough…

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This week’s NL Week is inspired by Andrew Marks, CIO of  Tullow Oil 

This last week I have been hearing a lot about “Can do” attitudes.

And that is so very positive, powerful, and pointless

So what if you “can do?”

Will you actually “do?”

And, more to the point, are you actually “doing?”

With my love to you all

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  • Chris (blue eyes) Jones

    I have started learning German, and you may be interested to know that in German to do and I am doing are the same!

    Perhaps that explains a lot about Germans, perhaps it explains even more about us?

  • paul charlton

    Doing is one thing, saying you are doing is another.
    I know lots of people who say they can do something for me but when it actually comes down to it, they rarely actually do it!

  • Chris Everton

    There are plenty of can doers in my office. Getyting them to do is another matter.
    Some of them are actually can do but won’t do….that’s so frustrating.

  • Michael J

    I believe you have to have it within yourself to do things.
    Everybody can do anything they want in my opinion. If they want to go and earn big money, or achieve something they thought was beyond them, they can. It’s just that most people don’t even give it a go. I won’t say try. Becaused trying doesn’t get you anywhere either.
    That implies that you tried…and yet if you didn’t achieve…then did you try hard enough. Obviously not.

  • Most achievement is in the mind.
    if you believe you can do it, you will. If not, then it is difficult to convince yourself.
    Just do it is my philosophy. never mind can do and try to do.

  • can and do are completely different I agree.
    Everybody has it in them to be able to do something whether they think they can or not.
    It’s the doing that makes the difference.
    most people unhappy in their job ‘can’ leave. Doing it can be the signal for great fulfillment.

  • I can and I do. Simple really.

  • Doing is the only way to make it happen.
    We had a person at work who always told me, she had tried. She never actually achieved though, so you have to ask, was she trying hard enough?
    Those who try aren’t going to achieve. Those who do are.

  • Sometimes people can’t do and yet they still try. Like fixing something. Now that’s annoying!

  • Isn’t it the case that we can all do, it’s just a case of finding out what it is we can do better than others?
    That’s the beauty of growing up and finding different things you are interested in and good at.
    Doing them then becomes a pleasure. We can do most things but having the will to do them is what counts.

  • You have to try to know whether or not you can!

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