Can You Feel The Force?

NAKED LEADER’S last-ever, sell-out conference, Business as a Force for Good, brought 100 leaders together in what was a wonderful event in London.

NL Conference 2016
Nl Conference 2016

Next year, Naked Leader will offer a series of bi-monthly breakfast seminars, so why not make sure you and your company are involved?

Here is a selection of how-tos the speakers shared with delegates as those leaders put forward their own case for why they think business can inspire us all.

Andy Cope, from The Art of Brilliance, spoke of How to be Happy at Work and have Happy Staff.

He advises: ‘Be happy with yourself and others – it is scientifically proven that happy people create a ripple effect. Happiness is the start of the rainbow, not the end.

Martin Clements, ISIL, Cyber and Global Meltdown, spoke of Reasons to Be Cheerful.

His key how-to was: ‘Most organisations are not taking cyber-attacks seriously enough – it is a behavioural issue, not just a technical issue. Makes sure you have a board member that owns this.’

He adds: ‘Yes, there is much to fear in life – there is so much more to enjoy.’

Keith Holdt is an Investment Director, Lloyd’s Development Capital. ‘The ethical behaviour of management teams in organisations is a big factor in deciding who we invest in,’ he told the gathering. ‘Entrepreneurs are the future of Force for Good.’

Football expert Trevor Birch, who famously saved Portsmouth FC, spoke of the lessons from the business of football. ‘Despite what we all read and hear, football is a massive global force for good – bringing together fans, communities and countries,’ he says. ‘Imagine if the people in your business had the same passion there is in football!’

David Taylor had his say too, with this key how-to: ‘Write out the top three things that are amazing about being you – strengths, skills, passions – then phone/ask a loved one and ask them for a top three about you – compare, you may be surprised…’

He added: ‘Be yourself, that is all you ever need to be.’

Jingru Liu, Director China Advisory Services at BDO, was keen to span both sides of the divide: ‘Both Eastern and Western countries and companies do an amazing amount of good,’ she says. ‘When attitudes change from East or West to East and West the possibilities will be unlimited.’

And perhaps the most simple and effective message of all came from Inge Huijbrechts, Vice President Responsible Business at Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group. ‘Have a fundamental customer behaviour of “Yes we can”.’

Isn’t that the very essence of Naked Leader?







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