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A huge “thank you” to everyone who contributed thoughts, experiences and advice following last week’s open letter to Martin Dalby, CEO of Center Parcs – view/comment here.

In my letter I invited Martin to visit us in our Villa. This did not happen, as Martin was on holiday last week, however within hours of the letter being received, we received emails, phone calls and even a hand delivered letter to our Villa, accepting our invitation to a visit, and last Thursday afternoon Rosalind and I had afternoon tea with Center Parcs Director of Marketing Colin Whaley.

Over 90 minutes we discussed the issues raised in the letter, he shared Center Parc’s plans in a number of customer areas, and, most of all, he listened. He checked for understanding, he made notes and he really listened. Thank you Colin.

One thing is clear, from our chat, from your feedback and from the trends I see every day is that The Voice, The Power, The Cause of the Customer is moving to the very heart of the agenda of every company.

One aspect of this is the way that companies give preferential treatment to first time customers, over existing ones. This is typified by the experience of using a price comparison website, where almost without fail you can beat the renewal quote from your existing insurer, simply by going to a new provider, even if you have left that new provider before.

Fair enough, you might say, but there is one key, annoying element – If you go back to your existing insurer and tell them the other quote you have obtained, they will often match or even beat it! Why didn’t they do that in the first place – don’t the companies who pay for these websites actually know how to use them?

Action for your company – Treat your existing customers with the loyalty and recognition they deserve

Poll – Our Company gives better service to first time customers or existing ones

With my love and best wishes

David x


  • Chris

    I agree that companies should have something in place to look after its existing customers, not just issue incentives to get new ones.Well done for making the point and for prompting action. Must have made a less than welcome deviation to your holiday, though, having what amounted to a business meeting!

  • Philip

    Getting someone to listen to you, really listen is an achievement.Everybody is so rushed these days and credit to the guy for giving his time even though it was in his interests to do so.

  • Paul Charlton

    A great opportunity to get an annoying facet of the company with which a vast amount of money is spent in my opinion.Why not do it while you are at the place you have the issue with. Perfect. And a good solution too.

  • Mary Hull

    Getting such a high-profile figure to come and see you on holiday in person was a major result.It's good to know they took it seriously. Sometimes you have to make sure you take action to get stuff done.

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