Time to Read – That’s it – Full Time

On Saturday 14 April, in Maidenhead, Woking FC were crowned champions of The Blue Square South, after winning the match one nil.

Oh – the highs, lows and lifting of personal baggage that are tied up in that single sentence.

So, what is the single biggest leadership lesson we can all learn from Garry Hill and Steve Thompson, our first team manager and coach, who have led the team to this extraordinary achievement?

Last week I wrote about discipline, and that has been very important, however for me the most important learning behaviour is this – focus.

Absolute laser focus

On preparation for every game – a focus on following a repeatable process.

On the game itself – what do we have to do, right now or next, to score more goals than they do?

And on the overall outcome of promotion.

Make sure everyone in your team knows where you are going – that is everyone, and the part they play in making it happen, each and every day. That includes having documented repeatable processes in place for the really key events in your organisation.

When you do, and you achieve your goal – this is how you will feel

With my thanks to Garry, Steve and everyone at Woking FC

And with my love and best wishes to you all
David X

Next week – how football superstitions can help you and your company.

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