Clean Your Inbox Week

Time to Read – 40 seconds
Time to get a new inbox strategy – 1 week

I was running a ‘one team one vision one day’ session last week, when a recurring theme cropped up – lack of time. One of the time stealers is always named as – the inbox. People often admit to a feeling of being controlled by their email rather than being in control of their day.
…and by wonderful coincidence I received this email from Monica Seeley – an expert in email processes, etiquette and tips.

Next week – I’ll be continuing the theme but in the meanTIME –  Thank You Monica

Clean Out Your Inbox Week – 23 to 27 January 2012

Did you start the year with plans to keep your email under control but now your inbox is rapidly filling up?  It is never too late to start again to join the growing band of business users who are determined to make 2012 the year of the ’empty inbox’.

Help is at hand on Monday 23 January with our 5th annual international ‘Clean Out Your Inbox Week’.  We are again running this event with Marsh Egan (Inbox Detox) who is the USA’s leading email management guru.

See the full email here…

Give yourself some extra time and next week we’ll consider best use of your new found time.


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