Coach Your Potential

POTENTIAL, potential, potential. The word is not particularly long word but its ramifications are far reaching. We all have it. And Claire Batey, a recent attendee at Naked Leaders’ Coaching in a Corporate Environment Seminar believes maximising someone else’s is one of life’s pleasures.

And she wholeheartedly recommends other people sign up for a future Naked Leader coaching event, revealing one of the aspects of the day, which was a great learning point, was the quote, Coaching breeds Independence and Capability, which came from Hazel Wilford. ‘This is a powerful statement which embodies the very mindset for coaching,’ she says. ‘Also, she shared with us her TTAS [Things That Are S…tupid] log/forum – which is synonymous in its style to The Naked Leader’s Elephant in the Room.

‘I am slightly biased on my opinion and this is mainly because I am very passionate about coaching.’ Claire is a Naked Leader Accredited Coach and utilises the qualification in her management consultancy business Hatton Consultancy.

‘Getting people to realise their potential and assist them is, I believe, a great privilege, and one of the most rewarding things you can do.

‘So for me the day was all that I expected and more, to be surrounded by like-minded people and to have the opportunity to listen to an array of experts delivering their insight and knowledge on one of my most favourite of subjects was, my ‘food heaven’.

Claire especially liked the range of topics covered and adds: ‘The day was a combination of talks from a panel of experts whose background was a combination of NLP – Corporate Team building – HR as well as a view from a number of coachees and their perspective. There were lively interactive hands-on moments for the participants which were interwoven throughout.

‘I particularly enjoyed Hazel Wilford’s presentation – she has a no-nonsense style of approach and is very clear in her intentions and what is needed to get teams working coherently.

‘This was delivered in a clear and directive manner – Hazel used key words like terrorist for your nightmare employee which made a number of people smile.’

Another speaker Claire gleaned experience from was Bridget Dean.

‘Bridget introduced the HR perspective on coaching, which was insightful, and promoted the view of using coaching as a proactive tool rather than a reactive one,’ she continues. ‘An interesting and challenging idea – and how would you encourage corporates to use the tool of coaching to improve their employees as a matter of course rather than a fire-fighting tool for the troublesome?’

So, isn’t it time you realised your potential? Why not book yourself on the next Naked Leader coaching event – Naked Leader Coaching Professional Qualification level 1, or look out for news of our next annual seminar?

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