Companies – Make Yours Real

IS your company the real deal? Is there an authenticity within its structure which nurtures trust, openness and integrity? Or are there barriers prohibiting the company’s participation in the areas that really matter – really matter – such as Corporate, Social and World responsibility?

Naked Leader founder and Honorary Professor of Leadership at Warwick University Business School, David Taylor, knows what it takes for a business to attain such a platform for growth. His company’s burgeoning portfolio of clients, including some of the World’s leading brands, is testament to that.

In a unique, cutting-edge style, Naked Leader can lead the way in transforming your business, inspiring your people, wowing your customers and giving your organisation a World-Class stamp of approval (World-Class means, to Naked Leader, that what you do and how you do it, will work anywhere in the world, across every country and culture).

How? Well, read on, as David outlines the steps needed for a company to become an Authentic Organisation. You already know the drill – Know where you want to Go, know where you are Now, know what you have to do to get to where you want to Go, and Do It!

1.Where you want to GoBe Really World-Class (by putting Cause over Cash)

(IronyYou make more cash as a result).

Outcome – You are changing the world through business. For good. Trust, ethics and integrity in all things and at all times – with Corporate, Social and World Responsibility at the heart of all agendas. Your future success, and existence, depends on this. Making money and increasing income, while reducing costs, has to be central to your agenda – combine it with a Cause and your customers will be proud to be your customers.

Business has a powerful role, and responsibility, to transform our world, and help our future generations inherit an earth of mutual respect, enlightenment and peace. To achieve this, Business must change its drivers so that instead of success being seen as rewards for a few, it is measured on the positive impact it has for the many. Making money and profits are complementary to this.

Everyone inside an organisation knows their role in helping make the dream come true, and feels a part of that dream.

2. Where you are Now – Be Profoundly Simple (by putting Clarity over Confusion)

Simplicity – clear, concise and compelling strategy, language and actions. You strip away the hype, the complexity and excuses at every level, to get to the issues that really matter. You reduce red-tape and processes and agree an agenda in which every team, project and activity directly relates to you achieving your outcomes.

You know that success does not happen by chance, it happens by choice – yours. You apply The Formula for Guaranteed Success in all you do each and every day.

Prove the real, financial benefits of all that you do. If you can’t, then don’t do it. There is no such thing as intangible benefits, unless of course you pay intangible salaries.

3.What you have to DoBe Self-Leading (by putting Choiceover Change)

(IronyYou will at last deliver the changes they have always wanted, and needed)

Freedom – You are not dependent on any external leadership help or provider – of course you still learn more, and develop, but you do it to your agenda, not others. Welcome to leadership from a different perspective – yours.

You have the only Talent Agenda that actually works – unlocking and unleashing the strengths, ideas and passions of the people that you already have.

You know that organisations don’t change, people do, and no-one has any true hold over anyone else. The paradox is that the only way to ‘control’ your people is to set them free. It is time to choose from within, not change from without.

4. Do it!Be Customer obsessed (by putting Customers over Convenience)

Serve – Your customers are why you exist. Without them, you have no business, or organisation. They must be top of your priorities, in the eyes, minds and actions of all of your people. Your number one aim is to attract, delight and therefore retain your customers.

Ensure your organisational processes, charts and roles reflect this. If your structure is vertical, put customers at the top. If it is horizontal, put customers at each end. Put decision-making power where it belongs – with the people serving your customers.

If you are a global organisation (if you have a website then you are) allow for local services to adapt according to different cultures, and customer needs.




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