Companies Store Faith in 1FreeDay

YOU may recall the article in March’s newsletter entitled A Global Leap of Faith, outlining Paul Heath’s plans for companies worldwide to send an avalanche of cash in the direction of charities around the planet on a single day – February 29, 2016.

Such has been the interest shown is his spectacular 1FreeDay initiative – in which companies will donate all net profits on the leap day to a charity of their choice – that major players are beginning to sit up and take notice.

Paul, an employee of a sizeable UK organisation, has recently launched the scheme and, as expected, it prompted a wave of support.

He enthused: ‘In terms of new supporters, I have held meetings with Julian Barrell (Fundraising Director at The Prince’s Trust) and Paul Turner (Community & Sustainable Business Director at Lloyds Banking Group) and both organisations have pledged their support for1FreeDay and are now working through their options to best support the idea. Thanks to the introduction from Rosalind Howard at the Naked Leader, Julian will be considering how to build it into the fundraising plans with the 400-plus blue-chip companies in the UK as well as the 100-plus international companies that the Trust already has connections with.

‘Paul is planning to use the idea as part of the 250th anniversary celebration for Lloyds Banking Group. This one is very pleasing to me as it was a Lloyds employee who saw the idea on Facebook, then suggested to a senior manager that it was worth a look. It’s this internal attraction and the motivation of employees that I think can drive more success.’

There is no doubt that Paul’s plans will become a runaway train in time, with major media interest sure to drive it forward over the next four years, while Government backing is sought.

So what’s next? Watch this space for the latest development.

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