Create Those Magic Memories, says Gavin Preston

GAVIN PRESTON is an associate of Naked Leader. We were taken with a recent blog of Gavin’s in which he reminds us to live in the moment with our partners and to ‘set the scene’ for some special moments.

Gavin Preston
Gavin Preston

We have reproduced Gavin’s blog here. Enjoy!

You are what you remember

The best piece of advice that I was given prior to my wedding day was: “The day goes so fast. Make sure that during the celebrations you pause with your wife, take a look around at your family and friends, the fun and laughter and take a snapshot in your mind so that you have those memories of the day. Do that several times.”

Life is made up of magic moments. Our memories are made up of those magic moments.

A wedding day is of course full of great moments and then … life takes over and before you know it the busyness of running a business, a home, starting a family, looking after the children etc, takes over.

Do you still take your partner/spouse’s hand, pause for a minute and take a snapshot of the good times you are having?

Relationships are made up of magic moments.

You are what you remember.  As a couple, you are what you remember.

If your time together is more memorable than your time apart, you are growing together.

If your time apart is more memorable, you are growing apart.

So what can you do to make the time together more memorable?

You need to create those magic moments or at least set the scene for them to take place.

Forgive the less than romantic analogy, but let’s look at a company.  A company makes a product.  What is the product of your relationship?


What do you need to do to make/to create more magical memories?

Action: Plan that dinner date, walk along the beach, romantic short break, with your partner/spouse.  Plan the trip to the theatre, the special holiday or just the evening in with a nice meal and a bottle of wine and don’t forget the candles.

PS. Customers also remember the magical moments. What can you do to create a moment where you wow your customers? Where you over deliver on something that was not expected? Maybe leave out the candles and roses though…that would be creepy.

Thanks to Andre Rossouw for the inspiration for this blog post.



  • Rakesh Noah

    That is so true. We must try to capture every moment.

  • Tony Weeks

    When I was 35 I kept telling myself to appreciate the moment.
    When I was 40 I did the same. We are all getting older and living in the present can mean we get so much more out of life.
    Doing it with a partner is even better.

  • Henry Atkins

    That has touched me. A neighbour died and the wife said to him, on his deathbed, ‘I love u’. She admitted it was the first time she had done that in 20 years. So sad.
    Make the most of the time you’ve got and say what you mean to say.
    As they say, life is not a rehearsal.

  • Graham Stagg

    Definitely moving further away for me.
    Time to take action?

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