Create Your Own Website

SETTING your business up online for the first time does not have to involve getting caught up in a web of uncertainty. Starting up a new website can hold many fears for many business owners – although that could now be a thing of the past.

Paying someone to do it has its drawbacks, such as changes you want to make taking a long time while they can also be costly. Help is at hand though thanks to a worldwide phenomenon through, which provides DIY platforms that enable users with no computer coding or design skills to set up their own site.

A choice of website templates are available or owners can design their own. The service is free, provided the wix brand stays in the domain name, although this can be removed for a minimal monthly outlay. Those who subscribe can then add an ‘eCommerce cart’ which allows visiting traffic to buy good s or services from the site, seen as an essential operating function these days if you want to beat off the competition.

There are already approaching 30 million users worldwide, including more than one million in the UK – so if you need a new site, help is a mere click of the mouse away. Get browsing now!


  • Neil C

    Sounds like an excellent idea for people who want to set up their sites as they want them without the hassle.
    Essential as they are, they can be time and money consuming as I have found out to my cost.

  • Ryan Norris

    Yes, updating continually can be expensive too.

    These days you just have to have a website so there is no choice.

  • Sam Jacob

    Websites can be run easily, cheaply and efficiently, you just have to get the right provider.

  • Tony Weeks

    Not always as easy as you think…websites can be very expensive and not at all user friendly if you start off with the wrong model.
    Get it right first time and save your company a lot of trouble.

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