Customer Focus

DO your customers let you know what they want? Do they give you feedback? If not, go and ask them. Make it easy for them to approach you with their requests/feedback.

Ask them how do they rate your customer service and what their expectations are of you? Ensure your complaints procedure is monitored so you know how many you receive and how quickly/efficiently they are dealt with. Turn customers who might have complained into loyal customers.


  • Dan Jones

    If customers don’t want what you are selling you have no chance.
    I always like to speak to my customers on a regular basis to see what I am doing right, and also, perhaps more importantly, where I can improve. That kind of feedback can only be beneficial to the business.

  • Karen Creighton

    But selling is an art. If you have the right product then you should be able to sell to anyone.
    And make sure you diversify to keep up with trends. Otherwise you may be missing out.

  • Sohail Khan

    Customers are the lifeblood of your business. But your staff are equally if not more important.

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