Diliana future proof after Conference

IMAGINE if we were given the keys to unlock our own and our company’s potential.

Diliana Karailieva, Head of Business Development Support, UK Industrial and Ireland at Veolia plc, found herself to be in a much better position to make a positive impact after attending the Naked Leader Conference – Your Future Take It Or Lead It.

After all, you have what it takes to be a success deep within you, it’s merely a case of bringing it to the surface. And a company can only be successful because of its people, who are its most precious asset.

Diliana works within the UK Industrial Clients Business Development function and her team’s primary focus is to understand customers’ needs and communicate within its proposals the value Veolia brings in helping them improve and grow their businesses.
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Why did she go to the Conference?

‘Well, Naked Leader conducted some transformational training within my organisation, which I benefited from,’ she says. ‘So I trusted them to put on an extraordinary event.’

From Diliana’s perspective, David Taylor and his team did just that and she has given three learning points while reflecting, ‘there are so many to choose from.’

She adds: ‘The first is that Visionaries, Leaders and Managers all have a place within the organisations of the future, if we learn how to play to people’s strengths.

‘My team and I will review our profiles together to make our lives together work better for everyone.

‘Also, I learned that simple processes result in complex and intelligent behaviour while complex processes result in simple and stupid behaviour. I have already simplified a process guide as a result!

‘A third is understanding that technology can be the key to preserving and enhancing humanity, not its demise, as long as we focus on the right purpose! I’m still working on formulating my action on this one, but it will involve changing the world…for the better…’

Rosalind Howard, CEO of Naked Leader, comments: ‘This year’s Conference was a fast-moving event across a broad spectrum. This opened people’s minds to what is beyond their business function – to the impact they and their company can make on all of our futures rather than waiting for the future to impact on us.

‘Diliana’s last action bears this out and we are waiting to support her in any way we can. The Conference showed the future is hopeful and full of opportunity as we look to make a bigger difference.’






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