Ditch The Business Cliches

I LOVED this quote from Dragons’ Den star Deborah Meadon in her excellent book, Common Sense Rules.

‘The phrase 360-degree thinking should be put away in a locked box along with blue-sky thinking, thinking out of the box and countless other meaningless phrases that imply that otherwise one-dimensional, dull, uncreative thinking is the norm.

‘Businessmen who pepper their language with these wretched cliches are just saying that they don’t have an original thought and they don’t have a good command of the English language either.

Any business discipline requires creative thought, but creative thinking should be an everyday occurrence, not simply trotted out when demanded and on special occasions.’

Well said, Deborah.


  • That’s sensible talk from a woman who comes across as eminently sensible. It’s true enough that thinking outside the box implies that the rest of the population are dullards. Well said, I say. Some of the authors of those type of books, such as Peter Jones and the like are rather too self-indulgent. From what I have heard of Deborah Meadon’s book, it is rather different and gives practical advice. Worth a read maybe.

  • I like Deborah Meadon. The title of the book says it all, because common sense does rule.

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