Do you believe in fate, or luck?

Time to Read – Depends on which you believe

So there I am, taking my nephew Howard to his work, running late and working out the fastest way to get into town, when he turns to me and asks that question:

“Do you believe in fate, or luck?”

What brilliant timing!

I resisted the obvious “Well, let’s see shall we, if you get to work on time”

Or the smarter “Now, that’s a closed question for you”

Or even the slightly rude “Right now? I believe in finding a gap between two cars so I can turn right”

So, instead, I asked him what he believed. He said that he believed in “fate” as far as life shows you the way, but you have to spot and take your chances, and when you take your chance and it works out well others would say you are lucky!


So what is fate and what is luck to you? That’s a question of semantics – I guess we are saying does stuff happen to you or do you make the most of ‘fate’ by making the right choices?

Action – watch out for your chances and make sure you take them – practise being ‘lucky’. Do this for a week and see if you are luckier than usual.

Thank you to my nephew Howard Witney

With love to you all

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