Do you believe in fate, or luck?

Time to Read – Depends on which you believe

So there I am, taking my nephew Howard to his work, running late and working out the fastest way to get into town, when he turns to me and asks that question:

“Do you believe in fate, or luck?”

What brilliant timing!

I resisted the obvious “Well, let’s see shall we, if you get to work on time”

Or the smarter “Now, that’s a closed question for you”

Or even the slightly rude “Right now? I believe in finding a gap between two cars so I can turn right”

So, instead, I asked him what he believed. He said that he believed in “fate” as far as life shows you the way, but you have to spot and take your chances, and when you take your chance and it works out well others would say you are lucky!


So what is fate and what is luck to you? That’s a question of semantics – I guess we are saying does stuff happen to you or do you make the most of ‘fate’ by making the right choices?

Action – watch out for your chances and make sure you take them – practise being ‘lucky’. Do this for a week and see if you are luckier than usual.

Thank you to my nephew Howard Witney

With love to you all


  • Chris Everton

    David, you will appreciate this, because you will know of Geoff Chapple, who is, or was, I believe, a director of Woking Football Club. As a casual follower of non league football I remember Geoff was hugely successful when he won five FA Troph finals at Wembley in seven years. That takes some doing.And I remember his biography. One of the managers talking about Geoff was asked the question, 'Do you think Geoff was lucky?' Thereason for the question was the intimation that Geoff hadn't done in coaching in his time as manager and just let the players go out and play.Anyway, this manager, I believe it was John Still, who is now in League One with Dagenham & Redbridge FC, said 'no' Geoff was not lucky.'You can be lucky once,' he said, 'when your name is maybe on the cup. But not five times. That's not down to luck at all.'Interesting don't you think. Personally, like John Still, I believe you make your own luck.

  • Chris Everton

    PS. Proof reading what I've written is not my strong point.

  • Paul Charlton

    You make your own luck, it's true. Maybe you were fated to do that, though. We shall never really know.There are some people who have stories to tell about why they didn't do this, or that, and they survived a plane crash or whatever. Maybe that was how it was meant to be? I like to think you can change fate but maybe if you try to change it, that was what you were fated to do?

  • Hayley

    Very Good. I have an opportunity to take a chance…I have gone for it as suggested but this has given me another platform to work from……lets see if I get lucky!
    Thank you

  • Mary Hull

    Fate can take a hand, so they say. fate, and luck too. It's just one of those things. Like in a football match, there is no way of knowing how that game will pan out. You are relying on whether someone kicks a ball at a certain time to a certain place. You can't really say you were fated to score. Can you?

  • Andy

    I believe in fate. My wife and I have recently come to terms with 2 miscarriages and perhaps the prospect that it’s just not meant to be. Although financially a struggle, I told my wife that she was to take a year out, concentrate on getting emotionally and physically healthy and to rediscover how to enjoy life. During this time, she felt that a second dog (we have a Chihuahua / Papillion cross called Lily) would help replace what she had lost. I told her this was not possible as we barely made my wage stretch each month.

    10 weeks ago, perhaps by chance, my wife was in the local town and bumped into a lady with a little Chihuahua under her arm and an older one by her feet. My wife ran up to the lady and asked where she got the dog. It turned out that the older Chihuahua had recently had a litter of 7 puppies – the male was due to be castrated that week! Although several of the puppies died over the following days, she was eventually left with 2 females – the males having been sold after 8 weeks. The lady invited my wife to come and see ‘Smudge’, the other female that was at home, later in the afternoon.

    When my wife popped over several hours later the lady popped this wee little thing into her arms and said that she would rather see a little dog going to the right home than charge her any money. We have now re-named her Iris and to thank the lady, we sent her a huge bunch of flowers – Lilies and Irises of course!

    How amazing is that? I have said for a long time to my wife, all we need to do is ask with our hearts and fate will do the rest. It has happened time and time again and will trust fate that one day we will extend our growing family further.


  • Chris Everton

    I believe in making your own luck although I think that, like in Andy's case, you can think that life is mapped out for you by certain happenings. That is am amazing story and I hope Andy and is wife have many more happy surprises in the years to come.

  • Noj Hinkins

    Howard is wise beyond his years. It's all about life's dice. You can't control anything, but you influence your probability of success every day through your decisions.

    Ignore life's wave and you get swamped- “unlucky”. Feel life's wave and decide which way to paddle to go with it and you surf- “lucky”. Both you and the wave are critical. Fate decides which wave you get to surf on today…

  • Gabriella

    If only we all stopped to recognise that every situation we find ourselves in is an opportunity, whether one which we see as our route to success or one where we learn something new about ourselves which ultimately helps us to reach where we want to go… even if we don't always know where it is we want to go…

  • Mark Hammer

    Most people in my experience know where they want to go. It's just that they can't get there through making the wrong life choices. Some of these are beyond your control. Like the mortgage rate going down just after you have signed up a five-year deal. That's rotten luck. Maybe it was fate?

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