Do you bring your real self to work?

Time to Read – 40 seconds

If people are your only asset (or, at the very least, your number one asset), then the personalities, attitudes and character of those people count for a huge part of your success, as an organisation.

It’s important to be yourself – you have a uniqueness that can bring gifts and talents in a way that no-one else can. If you are frontline your customers really value talking to a person rather than a script. If you are part of an internal department your colleagues really want to know who you are and will work more as a team

So, do you bring yourself – your true, authentic, real self to work? Or do you hide it behind a facade of professionalism? Does the culture at work deter you from being yourself?

You can be yourself – build rapport, have fun, be passionate, and still be professional

Action – Be yourself today

With my love and best wishes

Poll – I am always myself at work Yes/No

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