Do you bring your real self to work?

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If people are your only asset (or, at the very least, your number one asset), then the personalities, attitudes and character of those people count for a huge part of your success, as an organisation.

It’s important to be yourself – you have a uniqueness that can bring gifts and talents in a way that no-one else can. If you are frontline your customers really value talking to a person rather than a script. If you are part of an internal department your colleagues really want to know who you are and will work more as a team

So, do you bring yourself – your true, authentic, real self to work? Or do you hide it behind a facade of professionalism? Does the culture at work deter you from being yourself?

You can be yourself – build rapport, have fun, be passionate, and still be professional

Action – Be yourself today

With my love and best wishes

Poll – I am always myself at work Yes/No


  • Mark

    I know plenty of people who prefer to be someone else at work when really, being yourself is key if you want to be able to live a happier life. Pretending to be something you're not can be detrimental to your health. So I would advocate being yourself.

  • Chris

    I like to be that someone else at work. I put on a veneer. I want to be that professional being that I can't be at home as I'm in jeans and am quite slovenly. So I like to be two different people. Works for me.

  • Chris

    By the way, if people want to be themselves at work i applaud that. But sometimes you have to put on a front. take professional sportsmen. How many times have you heard someone say, 'they are nice as pie off the pitch@ referring to them as completely different on it. It's the same in the boardroom. Sometimes you have to keep up appearances or at least adapt to your surroundings to cope with the working environment. Everybody is different in a relaxed, social environment.

  • Mark

    That's true Chris. People do behave slightly differently in a social evening and perhaps let their hair down a bit but that's not really having an impact. They should still fundamentally be themselves at work otherwise they aren't being true to themselves.

  • mary

    I am always myself and can only speak from personal experience. I don't see the point of pretending to be someone else but then I am a freelance worker so don't necessarily have to go and try and be someone else in an office environment. I know people do like to impress at work and I have friends that will do different things to make sure they get on without really believing in those things. I just want to be myself wherever I am and try to do just that.

  • paul charlton

    If you are not yourself, just who are you? Why should anyone feel the need to be 'someone else' at work. yes, we can dress differently and should do in my opinion. That can be part of a person's feeling of professionalism. It's maybe not the symbol of professionalism to wear a suit. It might make someone 'feel' more professional so that's fine. As for being a different personality then I don't see how that can work. You should be yourself in the workplace. Otherwise whose to say your guard won't drop one day and you have to explain that 'well, sorry, I was just being myself for a minute there, i'd rather you think of me as the person I normally am, which I'm not normally, it's just that I'm at work…'

  • paul charlton

    There are people who go to work in work mode although i agree that you should be yourself and let others judge you, if they are going to, by what you are, not what you feel you should be at work. What is wrong with being yourself? You should be encouraged to make comments too, as you. Companies tend to have a hold over people. It shouldn't really be like that.

  • clive barrett

    Some people find it very difficult to be themselves through self-consciousness. I have not suffered from it but there are people I know who have found it difficult to express themselves as they really are because they are too worried about what people will think, or are just plain shy. We have to take in to account individuals like that.

  • paul charlton

    Bring yourself to work and be that self. It's simple.

  • chris

    There was a perfect example of being professiuonal at my workplace today. There was someone upset with something and I would have, out of the office, been there to comfort that person and make sure they were okay. As a professional, who happens to think that doing such a thing would look a little weak if I was to show emotion towards a colleague, I let it go and didn't get involved as I would have done at home or in a social environment.We are often something different depending on the circumstanes. It's all part of the fun of being who we are, and who we want to be seen as, perceived to be. It's not much fun just being plain old me anyway. Why not be able to switch on yoiur professional and your non professional self.

  • mark

    I am amazed at the amount of comment there is on people pretending to be someone else at work! They are not helping themselves in the long run. That's my opinion. They ought to see the benefits of being a constant self otherwise they, and their peers, could get a little confused as to who they are supposed to be.

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