Do you do this?

Time to Read – Somewhere between 40 and 120 seconds – you have my word

Do you keep your word?

To yourself, and to others.

Giving our word that we will do something is so very easy, and fast.

Keeping our word by following through may be so very hard, and take awhile.

Before the outbreak of Civil War in America, President Abraham Lincoln invited General Robert E Lee to take command of the entire Union Army. Lee declined because he had given his word to his home state of Virginia that, should it leave the Union, he would never take arms against it. By the time he was asked, Virginia had indeed left the Union and joined with the other Southern breakaway states. In short, he kept his word.

Long before legal contracts, lawyers and courts, a handshake was considered enough – “you have my word” was as good as saying “it shall be so.”

In this very fast moving Facebook, texting Twitter email world, it may be that keeping one’s word is ever more important.

How often will you give your word, this week?

And how often will you keep it?

With my love to you all

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