Make Sure You Have Five-Star Potential

MANY people are lucky enough to have stayed in five-star hotels. What about the five qualities needed to be successful?

Loyalty, generosity, integrity, honesty and trust. Do you possess these traits? If so, you have the ingredients to make a difference in business.

All you need then is to take certain steps. Have a purpose, a mental picture of what you want to achieve. Be passionate about getting there. Show desire. Hone that passion and harness that desire by converting those characteristics into plans, endeavour and hard work.

Can you share these ideas with like-minded people? Perhaps you could form partnerships. Then, be confident in your ability to succeed and be dedicated and creative enough to make it work.

(Extract from/idea for this article came from The Greatest Personal Success Tips in the World, by Brian Larcher).


  • Clive thanks – are the five qualities you list your own idea or do they have another source please? Thanks David

  • Clive Barrett

    David, thanks for the reminder. Please see the article for link to a book I've been reading.

  • Bantam

    The message here is a good one and I often use an old joke about how to get on in politics to help me remember the message in Clive's article.”The most important attributes to appeal to voters are; Honesty, Openness and Integrity. – When you can fake these you have cracked it.”

  • Mary Hull

    That's a great line. It's an important aspect of business to remember. That those attributes in a person are the ones that matter. You can have all the business skills you like but without those characteristics there is nowhere to go.

  • Chris Everton

    A lot of businessmen do manage to get on without integrity. Honesty can be discarded too. And some entrepreneurs are a closed book on the subject. I guess it takes all sorts and you have to try and be true to yourself, and show those attributes, if you want to feel good about yourself while making a business work. As opposed to doing well but not being able to enjoy it because it's not really you.

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