Time Is Of The Essence

TIME was when people in business had three-hour lunch breaks, companies carried passengers and home time was all that mattered!

These days time is money and it is limited. So it is vital to make the best use of it, be it in business or outside of work.

Time management is one of the most important of all business skills. An effective leader will know how to prioritise, plan, and control the use of time by becoming proactive, rather than reactive.

They need to focus on what it is they are trying to achieve. To accomplish those objectives they need to be able to ignore distractions and get on with the task in hand to make the best use of the time they have available.

We all waste time. Reading stuff we don’t need to read and checking our inbox too frequently. Surfing the net, phoning friends, chatting to colleagues. There are many reasons for not being as time-efficient as we should be.

So, if you are in that position, where you are faced with a new task, ask yourself, is it urgent? Or, is it important? If it’s both urgent and important, do it as soon as you can. If it’s urgent, not important, perhaps one of your team could do it.

If it’s important and not urgent you can do it later? If it’s neither urgent or important, consider whether it needs to be done at all!

Remember, if you have lots of important and urgent tasks, you need to proritise your priorities. And that’s the difficult bit. It can be done, though, with ‘to do’ lists, deadlines and by keeping your tasks under review.

That way, you’ll be demonstrating to yourself and colleagues that time is of the essence.

(Based on an extract from The Greatest Management Tips in the World)


  • Getting your priorities right is actually crucial in business.
    I’ve often thought that things are urgent when actually, something comes along that is even more so.
    So you have to keep evaluating things. It’s true otherwise you may find you are dealing with something that is actually bottom of the queue on the urgents.
    I once had a friend who decided he was going to treat everything as urgent and he worked flat out every day to make sure he was on top of things.
    It made him ill and he is sadly no longer with us.
    You have to get the work and social balance right as well as getting the urgent/important balance right too.

  • I agree to an extent.
    Shame that a friend had to die to realise that the most important of all assets ina business is the health of those who work there.
    People are the most important thing and it must be considered before any business dealings.

  • That is a sad tale.
    Business is important to a lot of people but life is the priority.
    It’s about putting things in perspective.
    Of course we have to put things in order of importance and I find the key element here is to just get on and do the tasks.
    When you are experienced, your unconscious mind takes over and that can relieve the strain.

  • Sometimes it pays to waste time. Like sitting and relaxing. Drinking in the peace for a while to re-charge the batteries. That’s when it’s good to waste time. In business it just doesn’t pay. I think the number of meetings people have are prohibitive to actually getting on and doing the work. That for me is the biggest time waste.

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