Downsize To Thrive

EVER thought of becoming a space hopper? Well, business owners might consider downsizing on office space if they want to thrive and survive in the future. Making changes to the workplace, and becoming a hybrid organisation, with a mix of working styles and attitudes, is thought to be the way forward .

With offices half empty at any one time, with holidays, external appointments and those working from home responsible for that, now could be the time to think about reducing the size of your office, and therefore rental costs. Those costs are considered one of the top three biggest outlays for a busines to cope with. And with the introduction of lap tops, less space for technology is required. It all adds up to smaller premises being a preferred option for some, with working from home, or out in the field, becoming more prevalent.

There has to be a balance though, with business centres needed to let staff interact and for bosses to have the chance to see and motivate their staff. And it’s not just the younger ‘digitally advanced’ generation who matter. The older, more experienced employee may work in less advanced ways and yet they also have to be included in a company’s thinking. So, can you mix it? Are you incorporating change? If not, the question then becomes, why not?


  • Paul

    Makes a lot of sense. I often look around offices and see empty spaces. Why companies persist in renting out or buying large offices is a mystery. The lap tops point is another good one. Computers are almost a dying piece of machinery. Thanks for the tip!

  • Chris

    It stands to reason that people are not needed in the office these days and that machinery is becoming obsolete in the workplace. it really does go without saying. The cost of running a business is high enough without the need for unwanted computers. Get rid of them is the best way. lety people work independently.

  • Maurice

    We have moved to a smaller premises, have mobile phones instead of landlines, and laptops instead of computers.
    It’s the way of the world.

  • Rakesh Noah

    Smaller premises can mean better work facilities.
    Production can be increased even though the work space is decreased.

  • Neil C

    Small can mean big. Especially in terms of profits!

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