Don’t Let Your Market Stall

INSPIRATIONAL people are all around us. If you are one, and you are thinking of starting your own business, do your research. Is there a customer problem you want to solve? Are you able to solve it better than somebody else? Make sure you determine whether or not there is a market for what you want to sell. Have a unique selling point to differentiate yourself from the crowd – then line up potential customers.

All over the world fear prevents people from starting up on their own. Once that hurdle is jumped, though, there is no looking back for those committed enough to see the project through and make it a success. Move beyond what is holding you back. Do your research, have a product, believe in it, then make it work.


  • The USP is the hardest part of any business. You have to come up with something absolutely that nobody else has and that is difficult to say the least.
    I spend my days working out what it is i can invent in business but alas, it never happens for me.
    One day!

  • Finding your usp should come before you start your business and should be the reason for starting in the first place. Otherwise you are one of a crowd.

  • You can find a usp at a later date if you diversify your products. That is what I have done even though what I have is not that special.

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