During Dinner…

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During Dinner I delivered a talk!

During dinner I delivered a talk

Yes, not before, or after, but during! – in London for top technology leaders – I loved it, I think they liked it, and it was a really strange and hungry experience.

After I spoke, Nick Shuttleworth, a leader with Hewlett Packard, shared his dessert, and the following:

David – what you said reminded me of something that happened last summer. I was sailing in a European Yacht Racing Championship with some old University friends.

We sail together 3 or 4 times a year and we seem to regularly finish in the middle of the pack. Having managed that on the first two days of this regatta we were sailing out to the start of the third race and one of the guys said ‘expect we’ll end up in the middle again like we tend to’ – for some reason this comment triggered something in my mind and I replied ‘if we have that as an expectation guys – that’s just what the outcome will be……. why don’t we just assume we can win and let’s just see what happens?’

We approached the start line with this ‘winner’s attitude’ and guess what? We got the best start and were away in clear wind and in the lead. We won that race with some margin much to the rest of the fleet’s amazement.

We then celebrated so hard in the bar, that in the final race next day we came second to last!

Our lesson – same people, same boat, same experience – completely different outcomes. The difference ? – Our attitude, desire (and alcohol!).

Thank you Nick

With my love and best wishes
David X

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