“Dyslexic, with a very poor memory…”

Time to Read – 3 minutes

So read his school report

And so he was labelled

And so he believed it to be true

Until one day he was watching TV, and saw Creighton Carvello memorize a pack of 52 playing cards in less than 3 minutes.

‘That looks like fun’ he thought – and taught himself how to do the same

I will write that again:…

The boy with dyslexia and a very poor memory taught himself how to memorize a pack of 52 playing cards, and to do it in less than three minutes.

I am sure you will agree that is quite an achievement – in three ways – to overturn a negative label, to find such a passion by chance and to actually teach himself how to do it.

Dominic O’Brien then went on to win the world memory championships a staggering eight times, and was the guest of honour at the UK memory championships this past week.

Action – What was written in your school report, that you would like to prove wrong, or/and what label/opinion have you carried around, that it is time to remove?

Why not just peel off that label, right now?

With my thanks to Dominic for being such an inspiration to me over the years, and with my love and best wishes.

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