Embrace Your Burning Desire

HAVE you got a fire burning inside you? Losing your job is not necessarily all doom and gloom – in fact it can spark a flame inside some which refuses to burn out. There is a glimmer of hope as self-employment has risen and there are around four million people now working for themselves.

Those embarking on part-time, self-employment are high on the list and account for nearly one fifth of men who have set up on their own.

The proportion of women taking the plunge has also risen with savings and redundancy pay outs being put to good use with another huge proportion of people expected to join those already enjoying the freedom of not being tied to an employer.

Typically, it is people over the age of 35, and working from home, who are branching out. So, losing your job doesn’t necessarily have to be the end of the line. It could be the start of an exciting opportunity that might light your fire.


  • Francis Greve

    Great to see that people are being encouraged to make the most of their circumstances when they take a downturn.

  • Sam Jacob

    Redundancy should be looked at as an opportunity, not a bad thing in your life.
    And it’s important to remember it’s the job, not you, being made redundant in most cases.

  • Frank Landon

    Agreed. Redundancy is a position lost, and doesn’t need to reflect badly on the person leaving.
    Not their fault in most circumstances.

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