Join The Brady Bunch

ARE you another Karren Brady? Do you have entrepreneurial spirit? If so, there is still time to enter the Everywoman awards. Nine years in, the nine winning categories recognise female business owners who achieve social or business success, often in the face of adversity.

To make sure your free entry is accepted before the July 22 deadline, go to


  • that sounds like a good scheme and really like Karren Brady.
    Her commons sense business style is excellent although you do have to wonder how the two football clubs where she was chief executive in the same year both got relegated from the richest league in the world in the same season!

  • The Apprentice has really shown that Ms Brady is a great business woman with sound ideas.
    The scheme is obviously a good one and it seems fair that anyone can enter.

  • These entrepreneurial incentives are wonderful and a great credit to the people who set them up.
    Standards for women in business have never been higher.
    This type of award can only help.

  • Karren Brady is a shining example of someone who wants to be famous without having the real substance behind her.
    Yes she has done well in managing companies. But has she grown a business herself?
    Not really.

  • Has she done well with companies. The two football clubs, as someone has mentioned, have failed to retain status and that reflects badly on the board. To lose one club from the Premier League is bad enough. To lose two is careless.

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