Excel – With A Little Help From NL

YOU might expect a World-Class venue such as the Excel to bring the best out in a former European Business Speaker of the Year and it seems that conductor David Taylor hit the right notes with his assembled symphony at a recent coaching seminar.

The general consensus from the many people who attended the Business Startup Show in London’s Docklands was that David’s short seminar on how to be a World Class coach was Excel-lent – and they have gone away beating the drum about the day and putting into practice their new-found learnings.

So, is this the Naked Leader blowing its own trumpet? Not at all – and yes we are! We want you to know about the amazing life you can have with just a little help from the Naked Leader so – we’re merely bringing into focus the myriad benefits that cane be gained from tapping into the company philosophy – and more pertinently, founder David and his team of inspiring coaches. Regular cutting-edge seminars on NLP (the psychology of influence) and business coaching – fast-track sessions for ambitious top achievers – are available throughout the year, and can be booked, here.

Many of the business men and women attending felt compelled to write and here are just a few of their messages.

Nadia Baker enthused: ”My partner and I saw attended your seminar at the business show and the following day I explored with my team the power of the conscious and sub-conscious mind with excellent results – so thank you! I have been determined to move into the role of a professional coach and your seminar has given me the final push that I needed. My partner and I will continue to take action, part of which is me attending your workshop in October.’

Claire Beegan of Wellbeing in the City, another attendee at the seminar, was not about to hold back with her praise.

‘It was fantastic to meet you and I managed to catch your talk and thought you were sensational! Your energy is infectious and I loved the way you kept bringing it back to basics. Know where you want to go, know where you are now, know what you need to do, now go do it! I’ve been applying this like a mantra all week.

‘Thank you for your generous offer to share some info on Wellbeing In the City with your community.’

Irina Alionte, a student at Warwick University, was handed The Naked Millionaire book and admitted to not wanting to put it down.

‘It’s been a pleasure meeting you and the book is very insightful and enjoyable to read. I believe it is exactly the motivational boost I needed at the moment. As I feel at a crossroads now, I find your guidance to be truly inspirational. I wish our MSc in Marketing & Strategy included a module on Leadership, as I believe you would have been a brilliant lecturer. Thank you for the dose of inspiration.’

Various words of encouragement there from people who want to make a difference in their personal or business environment. Have you thought of signing up for a Naked Leader workshop or event yet? Judging from the above comments, now might me a good time. What’s stopping you?

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