Your Product – How Will I Benefit?

IT’S all very well having lovely features. The question is, has your product got them? If not, your customer won’t be interested in them.

You don’t need to explain aspects such as what colour your product is. Your clients will want to know the benefits they can glean from it. So, in a clear, concise way, tell them all about the benefits, not the features. Show them how they can save money, improve efficiency, or add value to their business by using your product.

By all means mention the features. However, more importantly, sell the benefits.


  • Daniel Terat

    Sometimes you need to know the colours and what things look like as aesthetics are vital to some people. You have to like what you own.
    Admit though that it needs to do the job, whatever it is, so features need to be explained.

  • Graham Stagg

    Features all the way for me.
    No point in owning something that doesn’t work.
    Would rather that than something that looks nice and doesn’t!

  • Thomas Frith

    Features all the way.
    Benefits are great but I want to own something, not own it because I have to, so I enjoy the features first, then if it works, great.

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