Finance – Does Glyn Morris Think It’s Legal?

GLYN MORRIS advocates a team game. For him, a problem shared is a problem halved.

Glyn Morris
Glyn Morris

Another high-level speaker at Naked Leader’s Conference in October, Glyn will present a case study on Innovative finance, specifically a case study that won an international award for innovation in the legal industry, in Boston, USA, last year.

Finance director at Higgs & Sons, he was appointed as the first non-lawyer partner in the firm and was shortlisted for UK FD of the Year: Growing Business category at the Business Finance Awards 2014.

As well as speaking to delegates about his award-clinching success, he touches on the Naked Leader theme around ‘Your Future’ and explains how you can achieve the best you can, in the words of The Beatles, by getting by with a little help from your friends.

‘Though you are most definitely the lead or central character in your own success story I believe that you are unlikely to reach the greatest height or achieve the best possible results unless you have a cast of other actors/players/team members and supporters present with you both in the now and in the future,’ says Glyn.

‘It had always been in my mind, what if your actual future, the success you are going to achieve, could be significantly enhanced or accelerated by true collaboration?

‘My presentation will accentuate the benefits of asking for help, looking for answers outside of the organisation or industry that you work in – learning from other people, other skill sets, different views to those of your own or those of your peers.

‘Sometimes all you need is the humility, and the courage, to admit that you do not have the skills or knowledge to solve your most pressing business problem. You know the one – it just keeps coming back to you in those quiet moments when you are not being distracted.

‘It keeps being raised in industry forums and is normally parked up with its own special label “just too difficult” or “it always has and always will be, like this” and my favourite one “those big organisations over there have tried and they failed”.

‘Our experience of two-year Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) initiative jointly undertaken with Aston Business School, part-funded by Innovate UK (erstwhile Technology Strategy Board) through European regional Development Fund, will highlight the benefits of collaborating for success. It may be easy, with hindsight, to say we were confident of our future success back when we started out, however, in the presentation I will be honest about some of the tough moments, the pitfalls and the snares that all conspire to satisfy the many onlookers or doubters that say it can’t be done or you won’t succeed.

‘More importantly I will share my views on how to keep going – by staying focused on the future – when the going gets tough.’

Regarding the future, what is his biggest hope? Glyn adds: ‘To change an 800-year-old industry by becoming an example that will inspire other people to invent different ways of doing things.’

His fear is, ‘that we think we have solved it or that we stop thinking that we no longer need all the help we can find.’

Can you afford to miss this, and many other enlightening presentation? If not, then book here – in the words of Glyn Morris, let’s collaborate!



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