Find Out What David Smith Is Going To Reveal At NL’s Conference…

With Naked Leader’s annual Conference due to take place in October, we get a taster from our guest speakers scheduled for the event, starting with David Smith.

David Smith
David Smith

PREPARATION, preparation, preparation. Embracing change and the future demands it.

So says one of the high-echelon speakers at this year’s Naked Leader Conference, a futurologist, David Smith.

If anybody knows what’s needed to succeed in the coming years it is David, CEO of Global Futures and Foresight. After all, the clue is in the business title!

At the Conference, set for October 15th in London, David will deliver a mind-blowing view of the future and challenge delegates on the key issues facing us. His talk will be the catalyst assisting us in generating new visions, strategies, products and services.

Here he gives us a snapshot of what those at the conference can expect: ‘I want to share with the delegates a view of the future packed with change and opportunity’.

‘New technologies are emerging and being deployed to change business models and operational models every day’.

‘We are entering a time of accelerated change driven by global population and economic growth, empowered consumers and technologies are changing how we run our lives, our businesses and changing even how long and well we will live into the future’.

‘We can choose to embrace these changes, even influence them to some degree and certainly take advantage of them only if we prepare ourselves in advance. If we set our minds to embracing change, if we set our organisation up with change in mind, if we hold our current business models loosely we increase our chance of thriving in the future.’

David was asked what his biggest hope – and biggest fear – is when gazing into that crystal ball.

‘My greatest hope for the future, in what I do, is that I will increasingly be able to influence senior managers in organisations to want to embrace change, to recognise that embracing the risk of change is less of a risk than standing still and being overtaken by circumstances and others,’ he ventured.

On the flip side he added: ‘I suppose my greatest fear about the future is that I’ll stop wanting to adapt to new circumstances, that I’ll stop learning, stop embracing new technologies’.

‘That I’ll believe that where I am is good enough to see me through my working life. I wouldn’t want that to happen and it would do no good to those around me. It does no good for anyone.’

So, it isn’t just stage plays, films and TV dramas that can be categorised as adaptations. Life can be to.

Perhaps David has reminded us that we as people – and business owners – should always consider ourselves to be a work in progress, never the finished article, so we can retain the ability to visualise, look ahead, and ultimately, profit from that foresight.


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