Forget Employee of the Month – and do this instead…

Have an Employee of The Minute.

As a leader your number one priority is to get the very best out of each and everyone who works for you.
So, your choice – go through the rota of Employee of the Month, ensuring you cover everyone, or worse, miss people out.

Or be a caring, visible and charismatic leader by combining three powerful behaviours – humour, giving people a standard to live up to, and catching them do things right, over and over.

Of course people make mistakes, hold them to account on these in private.

Catch them doing things right, do it warmly, sincerely and genuinely, and it works.

And if it doesn’t work, for you and your team, then do something else.

With my love and best wishes


Tell us who’s your Employee/colleague this minute in the comments below.

With thanks for the idea to Frazer Tompkins

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