Mind Your Own Business

ARE you Mr Motivator? Are you driven by the desire to be successful and in control of your own destiny? Is earning money a bi-product of that passion?

If the answer is yes to those points then you might have what it takes to start up your own business.

Being their own boss is the main factor for people running their business, with flexible working hours – with the ability to get out on the golf course where possible perhaps! – coming a close second. Money trails in third and the statistics are proof that it is the control factor, while shedding that feeling of being a slave to a company’s demands, which is the most attractive feature when the decision is made to go it alone.

A higher level of job satisfaction is key. A survey has indicated that almost half of the self-employed population, among many thousands who were asked, are more than satisfied with their lot. The number of happy people in employment is said to be far less.

For self-employment, read self-fulfillment. Business owners’ feelings are thought to have stemmed from the experience of working in bigger organisations and they have relished the new-found freedom and control of controlling their own operation, as well as the ability to see the direct rewards of their labour.

A desire to prove themselves can also drive spur would-be entrepreneurs. And once the business has been set up, that feeling of responsibility to others, with many employees perhaps banking on their every move, comes into play.

Maybe you are one of these people. You have it in you to succeed. So, if you are unhappy at work, or have been a victim of redundancy and want to make a go of it on your own, you are not alone. And you can make it happen. Brush aside the cons and go with the pros. What’s stopping you?


  • Chris Everton

    It takes a special breed of person to be an entrepreneur, or a business person who wants to go it alone. You have to have an inner drive and hunger and that's what keeps them going.It isn't really about the money.More the power and the need to be in control and in charge of their own destiny. That's the best part. The holidays and stuff isn't what they want although to take time off when they desire is a plus. You will find that most business owners don't have it within themselves to go away though. They can't delegate because they can't let go. Therein lies the conundrum of being your own boss. You have to take the rap and therefor you get far more involved. Probably more than is healthy.

  • Paul Charlton

    There's nothing quite owning your own business and yes, money is an side. It is about the control you have over everything and I love that I am responsible to people and the way they live. it drives me on to better things.

  • Mark Hammer

    I believe I am that special breed who can adapt to working on my own in a team. It has served me well.You have to be able to multi-task in business. That's the goal.

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