Give me a number between 1 and 10

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Yes, I know I ask you to think about this, rather a lot…

That personal dream you have – that ambition, target, aim, whatever you call it – what do you think, today, right now, as you read this, are the chances that you can actually achieve it?

Out of 10

1 being no chance

10 being it is a racing certainty

Give me a number, between 1 and 10

OK, got it?

Now, let me ask you a question, whatever number you chose

Why didn’t you give me a lower number?

Go on, why did not you not say a lower number?

A brilliant coaching question you can use in any area of your life, to really help others

When you ask the “give me a number” question of someone, and they respond, they expect you to ask:

“Why didn’t you give me a higher number?”

In other words – where are your ambitions, why don’t you think more of yourself, etc. etc?


Why didn’t you give me a lower number?

Changes their state (it is a surprise), AND gets them to focus on what they can do, not what they can’t, and gets them to take ownership.

All with a switch of one word.

Help others – and enjoy

With my love and best wishes


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