Give yourself a ‘good’ talking to – by Steve Lavelle

Steve Lavelle works for The Phoenix Group as Learning and Development Consultant. He is a client, a friend and most importantly a fellow Evertonian. He also understands the psychology of the brain far better than I do…

Are you aware you will have more conversations with yourself then with any other person in your life? Did you also know the brain is like a huge electrical circuit board and each time you have these conversations the electricity in the brain creates a neurological pathway called a Dendrite. 

Let’s imagine these Dendrites are Superhighways. They are very powerful things as each time you have the same or a similar thought the brain finds the same Superhighway, makes it more powerful, smoother and easier for the electrical current to find.

Catch 22!!! The result is quite simply these thoughts become our beliefs. If you tell yourself you can’t achieve something then you won’t. Fact!!!  It’s a self fulfilling prophecy backed up by science. Good news, these Superhighways can be closed down very quickly, simply reverse the thought. Tell yourself 10 times a day for two weeks that you are awesome and you’ll start to see positive results as you create new Superhighways more powerful than the old ones. So when you face a challenging situation or have a belief you can’t do something give yourself a ‘good’ talking to and you’ll be amazed at the results.

Thank you Steve

With love and best wishes to you all

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