‘Go For It’ says NL Conference speaker, Steven Capper

Steven Capper
Steven Capper

Here’s a taster of what Steven Capper will speak about at the Naked Leader Conference

YOU’D never know it was IT! That may be the slogan adopted for entrepreneur Steven Capper at NL’s forthcoming flagship event in October but there is something attendees certainly will know once they have witnessed him in action. It is that they have been in the presence of inspiration and seen a brilliant leader hit them with the wow factor!

Steven, Vice President and CIO of EMEAI, AECOM and voted CIO of the Year 2015 by Computing Magazine, is another of the world-class speakers ready to deliver his own brand of excellence for the benefit of delegates in London.

He will share with those present the diverse and ground-breaking technology which will allow those in the future to experience buildings before they are built, help win bids for contracts and equip the US military.

As a teaser for his much-anticipated appearance Steven says: ‘Now you would think AECOM only did engineering and construction, well think again.’

‘Did you know we had 8,000 people on the ground during the Afghan conflict? My message is to come and see how we use IT to differentiate and be at the cutting edge of Design, Build, Finance and Operate – plus a whole lot more!’

One theme of the articles highlighting the Conference is hopes and fears.

So what is Steven’s No 1 hope in relation to his work? Well, given he knows what’s coming and has the ability to view over the horizon in terms of how IT will continue to lead the way in how we live, perhaps it’s one we should all be wary of.

‘My biggest hope for the future is we don’t automate my kids out of a job!’ he adds.

As for his fear, his first thought was rather tongue in cheek: ‘It would be that my work colleagues get to know my music taste!’ he smiles.

On a more serious note, he added a line you might expect from someone who has not so much carved out a career path as forged a highway along which he is continuing to accelerate. He said: ‘What is there to be really scared of? Go for it, I am!’

As a lesson from someone who has spent 25 years hurdling life’s business challenges to rise to the top, perhaps we should all be following Steven’s philosophy when opportunity knocks. And Naked Leader’s too – Just Do It!





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